Casino de Monte-Carlo

casino di monte carloDo not forget that there are casinos not only in America, Asia or Australia, but also in Europe. Perhaps the most famous gambling establishment in the Old World is the Casino de Monte-Carlo. It is a huge entertainment complex located in the Principality of Monaco. Owned and operated by Socit des bains de mer, the Monaco government and the family of monarchs control the majority. The company was founded in 1863. This company owns a total of 6 casinos, as well as other facilities in Monaco: hotels, sports clubs, catering establishments and nightclubs. The company’s shares are listed on the Euronext exchange at a price of about 45 euros and have grown by about 15%since the beginning of the year. The market capitalization is € 533 million. 6,000,000 shares held by the government are, according to the law, inalienable. 12.1 million shares were put up for public trading. According to the latest report (as of the end of March), total revenue for the financial year was € 472 million and EPS was € 26. At the same time, the net profit for the 2013 fiscal year amounted to 17.25 million euros, although before that for three years the company reported with losses, since the growth of operating expenses outstripped the growth of income.

The idea of ​​opening a gambling establishment in Monaco belongs to Princess Caroline , the practical and businesslike wife of Prince Florestan I. This should have saved the Grimaldi dynasty from bankruptcy. The first institution opened here in 1856 on a 30-year concession. At that time, Monaco was a province of Europe (there were no transport routes and decent hotels) and it was hard to imagine that in many years the principality would become the most prestigious place in Europe for living and spending leisure time. Since 1863, the casino has been located at the current address, however, over the past 150 years, the building has been reconstructed several times and significantly expanded. In 1921, the first women’s Olympic Games were held on the territory of the casino. Until the 1950s, billionaire Aristotle Onassis was the majority owner of the establishment, but then he was forced to cede his share to Prince Rainier III of Monaco. Until recently, the proceeds from the Casino de Monte-Carlo were the main source of income for the ruling Grimaldi family and the entire economy of Monaco.

Currently, Monaco citizens are prohibited from visiting the casino’s gambling halls. For this purpose, documents are checked at the entrance. There are several gaming halls. The dress code is quite strict. Entrance fee is 10 euros. With pokies it is simpler — access is free and not so strict. Because of bans, they often prefer the best online casinos, more about which you can read here —

There is an interesting case that happened in a casino in the summer of 1913. Then on the roulette table»black» fell 26 times in a row. The punters, surprised by the long streak, lost millions by betting on interrupting such an imbalance in the theory of probability. In the history of this establishment, this incident is still considered the biggest disappointment of the punters.