Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology in online casinoTechnologies that are not particularly unique in everyday life were once considered a whole technological revolution for a long time. Familiar phones and other gadgets have become an integral part of a person’s daily life.

So what is Blockchain?

Over the decades of technological progress, the blockchain system was formed at the center of events. This new and modern technology was released by Bitcoin. The system helps to solve the issue in such industries as logistics, marketing, medicine and others.

Blockchain is a set of blocks that contain various information. The next block contains the information of the previous block, but in the form of a cipher. Because copies are stored on thousands of computers, this eliminates the risk of unauthorized interference. Therefore, this data cannot be deleted or changed.

Where applicable

The system can be applied in elections to ensure that the election process is as fair as possible. Therefore, if this system is implemented, there is an increased chance that the results will not be falsified.

Another application is that there will be no need for intermediaries when contracts for the sale of goods and services.

Who is the creator of the blockchain

Many years have passed, and now it is almost impossible to give a correct answer who became the innovator of this system. There is a version that the idea was born around 1991.

But the blockchain was not known until 2008, when the programmer Satoshi Nakamoto eliminated the problems that prevented the technology from developing further. Now they are on the contrary very popular — about the use of cryptocurrency, for example, in online casinos is very detailed in the blog on the website

What is the security of blockchain transactions

New technology has exalted new possibilities in payment and money transfer systems. Thanks to the blockchain, transfers and transactions are carried out as quickly as possible.

Reliable protection provides the maximum level of security against intrusion into personal data, documents or any other valuable information.

Ethereum — what is it

Ethereum follows the path of its predecessor — bitcoin. It allows you to complete blocks in 10 seconds, and in comparison with Bitcoin (10 minutes), this is a phenomenal speed. Thus, Ethereum can act as a payment system.

Blockchain-based wallet

This system allows trading with cryptocurrency transactions.


  1. Systems that involve downloading the program to the device.
  2. Payments using a mobile device.

3. Online wallets (very handy for use in top australian online casinos and others).